oppo f7 review

OPPO F7 Review

OPPO F7 Review


oppo f7

The phone is one of the phones that was talked about in 2018 and has already achieved great sales especially in the F category
Then, Oppo decided to issue a new phone for the F class as well, which is Oppo F7
We will therefore review the Oppo F7 in detail

Specifications OPPO F7

  1.  Characterized by polymer design, not metal
  2. Mobile dimensions 156 × 75.3 × 7.8 mm
    Weight 158 ​​g
  3.  MP3 Fee Wizard Mali – G72oppo f7
  4.  Storage space 64 or 128 GB with 4 or 6 GB.
  5. Rear Camera 6-Individual 6 16 Mega Pixels with f / 1.8 Lens Slot with LED Flash Video can be shot up to 1080 pixels in isolation to isolate the person from the background in the image
  6. A 25-megapixel front camera with an excellent f / 2.0 lens slot For best silve images and artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence For the best image with minimal effort, you can choose 296 points in the face and set the age based on the image rating and leave the most beautiful camera Rated 4 P faces One image at full speed, there is insulation in the front camera.
  7.  Works with Android OS 8.1 with OS 5.0 interface.
  8.  Supports fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.
  9. Colors: Red – Gray – Black.
  10.  Supports the feature of opening the phone through the face.
  11. cell 3400 mA battery does not support VOOC charging.
  12. Supports two nano touch slots
  13. The phone is powered by a 2.0 GHz processor with a 12-nano energy-saving technology. The processor compares and surpasses the Snape Dragon 625.
  14.  screen 6.23 type of LCD has a cut or notch at the top as in the iPhone X, and the screen is a long distance 19: 9 takes a large proportion of the front area of ​​the phone, giving an excellent impression and an excellent experience of the screen of the full HD + Corning Gorilla Glass 5, with 405 pixel resolution.

Features of Mobile Oppo F7

  1.  You will be able to get a wonderful image of Sylvie because it is 25 megapixelsoppo f7
  2.  Fingerprint sensor and open the phone by face
  3.  Supports the installation of additional memory card up to 256 GB in a separate port
  4.  The phone supports gyroscope sensor which makes it support VR glasses

Mobile disadvantages

  1. The design of the phone is polymer rather than metallic as in other phones
  2. No Led Notification
  3. Battery does not support VOOC fast charging.

From this I saw that the OPPO F7 will complete the OPPO F5 process and achieve good sales despite its minor flaws but OPPO compensates us with more wonderful features

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