How to choose the right motherboard for AMD processors?

How to choose the right motherboard for AMD processors?

AMD Processor
AMD Processor

Many people are buying any motherboard in front of them and they discover are installed on the processor and ends up by this error because the motherboard pain if the purchase is not compatible with the professor may cause future problems for the computer
So we’ll explain how to choose the right motherboard for AMD processors in particular.

At the beginning of the subject, you must understand that today’s explanation will be for the first-generation processors AMD Ryzen and AMD Ryzen the second generation because in fact did not provide all previous AMD processors from my point of view excellent performance for users

CPU Socketsocket-amd

One advantage of AMD is that most new processing processes work on the same socket and you do not need to upgrade the motherboard if you upgraded the Ryzen processor now. The first and second processors of Ryzen work on the AM4 Socket. Ryzen Threadripper processors operate on a socket called Socket TR4


AMD A320 Motherboard

Is the cheapest and lowest-priced chip and will be the best for you if you have a small budget. This chip will provide you with 4 PCI-e expansion ports that you will use to install a single graphics card, install a M.2 SSD and a soundcard or external network that also supports those The single-port USB 3.1 port, the first USB 3.1 ports, the 6 USB 2.0 ports, and the 2.0 SATA 2.0 and SATA Express ports. However, all the Razen processors support the speed break, but if you have a hard drive, you can not break The speed of the processor also does not support the installation of more than one screen card in the SLI mode or CrossFireX so that is For a chip are always cheaper.


AMD B350 Motherboard


This is certainly the sweet spot for PC gamers who stick to conventional single-GPU setups. CPU overclocking is opened on B350 motherboards, and contrasted with the no frills A320 loads up, this chipset packs in help for an extra 10Gbps USB 3.1 port and additionally two more PCIe paths for forefront SSDs like the preposterously quick Samsung 960 Expert.

The kicker here is that multi-GPU setups are not upheld by B350. I’ve seen reports of particular B350 models permitting AMD CrossFire multi-GPU setups—yet that isn’t something you should depend on. This is what AMD needs to say in regards to


AMD X370 Motherboard

This chip is the most powerful for the Ryzen processors until the next chip comes in. This chip comes with the highest levels of the Motherboards, offering you the best break speed of the processor compared to the previous chipset. It also supports multiple graphics card SLI and CrossFire. It also offers 8 PCI- E is a second-generation, two-generation expansion port with 4 SATA 2.0 ports and two SATA Express ports. It comes with 6 first generation USB 3.1 ports and two third-generation USB 2.1 ports. This chip was the most expensive,


AMD X470 Motherboard

it offers similar highlights yet in all likelihood since it is another chip must give a portion of the points of interest that lead you to get one of those highlights is that it is less vitality utilization and for processors The second era of Ryzen and furthermore one reason that will lead you to purchase or get the benefits of the second era of the Ryzen processors, which we discussed previously and won’t get unless the establishment of the processor on that chip notwithstanding a few organizations I included some USB ports and enhancement Uncommon electrical circuits of those Boards taking a shot at that slide and support for ram even recurrence 2933MHz


AMD X399 Motherboard

AMD chipset is now the most powerful AMD chipset, but it works with AMD’s most powerful processors, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors, which compete with the Intel Core X processors running the X299 so you will find great interest where the chip will offer you excellent cooling circuits and high capacitors It also provides you with 16 SATA ports, 6 USB 2.0 ports, 14 first generation USB 3.1 ports, and two second generation USB 2.1 ports.



Now that you’ve got a lot of information about AMD processors, you can choose the right chip for you to cut your hardware, although some companies add some enhancements to their Motherboards. If they were the same chip.