4 tips for your new xbox one x

4 tips for your new Xbox One X

4 tips for your new Xbox One X

4 tips for your new Xbox One X
4 tips for your new Xbox One X

If you do not have much experience on the Xbox, you should read this article before buying an Xbox, so we will be talking about 4 tips for your new Xbox X

1- Not all games are 4k

You may think that games in Xbox games are all accurately 4K but really not
For example:
Dragon Ball FighterZ
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Killer Instinct
Halo Wars 2
Forza Motorsport 7
Resident Evil 7
Metro Exodus

2 – Make sure HDR is enabled on your TV

Although you can happily use the Xbox One X on a 1080p Full HD television, with the benefit of improved visuals still working – albeit not at the maximum resolution – you will definitely get the best performance from plugging it into a 4K HDR TV.

But even if you have a 4K HDR TV, you do need to ensure that HDR is enabled for the HDMI port you plan to use with the Xbox One X. Many TV manufacturers, for reasons best known to themselves, ship their HDR TVs with HDR disabled on each port.

You will find an option in your respect TV’s settings (check your manual) to enable HDR. On a modern LG TV with webOS, for example, it is in the general settings, listed as HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color, where you can switch HDR on. Only with these enabled will you see the HDR10 wider colors and contrast utilized

3. Expand your storage space

The Xbox comes with 1TB, but given that in some games the space may be high, you need more than 1TB, you need to expand your Xbox storage space

4-snapshot footage clips in 4K HDR

You can also capture up to five minutes of play through the DVR function for games. It is now capturing the 4K HDR on the Xbox One X.

Here are some tips on Xbox One X, but not all of them will add them soon
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